Wyckoff Police Department

Accident Reports

All motor vehicle accidents in the Township of Wyckoff are documented through the Wyckoff Police Department. To ensure completeness and accuracy, reports may take 5-7 business days to be reviewed and approved. Certain serious accident investigations may take longer to be fully completed.

Starting from October 1, 2016, all Motor Vehicle Accidents are available online as well in person at Wyckoff Police Desk. For reports prior to this date, copies can only be picked up at the Wyckoff Police Desk during normal business hours.

To obtain a copy of an auto accident online, you will need one of the following items in order to access the report:

Report number OR
First Name, Last Name, Date of Incident OR
First Name, Last Name, Street Name Location​

***In order to receive your Police accident report, you must create an account on Lexis Nexis website***

(201) 891-2121

Emergency Call 9-1-1